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361 Nemesis Womens | Black/ebony

361 Degree Nemesis Running Shoes. Push yourself to new PB's with the 361 Degree Nemesis Running Shoes. The shoes are designed to deliver an extremely dynamic and responsive ride.Breathable Engineered MeshThe upper of the Nemesis is surrounded by an extremely breathable engineered mesh. This will mean that as you begin to exercise and as your feet start to warm up, the material will allow the hot air produced within to exit the shoe. This is then replaced by cooler air from outside the shoe, and this constant cycle will work to keep you feeling fresh and ventilated over a long period of time.. The toe box is designed to give you a wide amount of room to splay. As you run, your feet will start to expand, and this will give them room to spread naturally for comfort. The firm construction of the upper will hold the feet in a firm and upright position, which will ensure that they stay protected and kept healthy over a long period of time.. A distinct overlay pattern will help to keep the foot held in place. Secure laces will make it easy to achieve a comfortable fit all the way up the foot. A soft and padded Pressure Free Tongue will sit gently on the ankle, helping to reduce the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing. A soft and moulded footbed will over time provide you with soft and personalised comfort. It will also help to wick moisture from sweat away from the foot.QU!KFOAM MidsoleFully covering the whole length of the foot, the QU!KFOAM midsole will deliver supreme cushioning and will provide you with an ultra-smooth ride. Towards the bottom of the midsole, the EVA will instantly absorb shocks, which will protect the sole of the foot from any damage. The further up the midsole you go, the EVA is softer, which will provide the sole of the foot with cushioning on every step.. The responsiveness of the midsole will mean that you will get a good level of return on every step, which will make the ride feel smoother and easier. The foot will be stabilised, as there is an extended medial post which has an integrated lightweight QU!K Spine shank. This will mean that the energy created on each step is spread evenly, and the result of which will be a stable ride. Lightweight blown rubber in the forefoot, combined with a durable high abrasive resistant crash pad will provide you with better traction and shock dispersion.Durable Rubber OutsoleThe extremely durable rubber used on the outsole will provide you with supreme grip and traction. Forming a solid connection with a wide range of different surfaces, the rubber will provide you with a firm base to push off from.. The rubber itself will retain its shape and definition, as it is able to withstand abrasions. Using QU!K Flex 4Foot, this engineered technology will provide you with a natural and balanced toe-off which enhances ground contact for better acceleration, giving you the confidence to push yourself further and faster. Multi-directional grooves will further increase grip and traction by digging into the ground, anchoring the shoe in place for a solid base to push off from.. Features:. Breathable Mesh - Air can flow in and out with ease.. Wider Toe Box - Allows warm feet to expand and splay.. Firm Construction - Protects and provides support.. Overlay Pattern - Holds the feet in a firm and upright position.. Secure Lacing - Easy to tighten, the laces will provide a secure and comfortable fit.. Pressure Free Tongue - Sits gently on the ankle. Cushioned Footbed - Cradles the foot in a comfortable position.. QU!KFOAM Midsole - Delivers supreme cushioning and a smooth ride.. Shock Absorbing - Shocks are absorbed instantly and effectively by the midsole.. Responsive - Energy is created on every step for a responsive ride.. QU!K Spine Shank - Foot is stabilised by an extended medial post.. Lightweight Blown Rubber - Protects the forefoot and has a crash pad for resistance and shock dispersion.. Supreme Traction - The outsole forms a solid connection with a wide range of surfaces for traction.. Abrasion Resistant - Protects itself against abuse from below.. QU!K Flex 4Foot - Engineered technology provides you with a natural and balanced toe-off for enhanced acceleration.. Multi-Directional Grooves - Dig into the ground to anchor the feet in place.. Heel Stack Height - 21mm. Toe Stack Height - 12mm. Heel to Toe Drop - 9mm. Weight - 246g
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