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Adidas Novaflight Mens | Black

adidas Novaflight Indoor Court Shoes. Take your game above and beyond. These adidas Novaflight Tokyo indoor shoes will help you dominate in the air with a lightweight mesh upper that locks you in for every take off and landing. The responsive Bounce midsole is specially tuned for vertical launches and landings and a grippy multidirectional outsole keeps you agile on the deck.. Breathable Mesh UpperMesh uppers will encase each foot in breathable comfort. Lightweight and highly breathable for all-temperature comfort, the mesh acts as a lightweight second skin, providing a supportive and comfortable fit. Its perforated construction allows air to fully permeate the entire upper, letting your feet breathe when the temperature starts to rise or your training session heats up. TPU overlays have been strategically placed on the upper to provide durability and support where it's needed the most. The reinforcements wrap the foot in lightweight support to promote a secure fit that resists the risks of wear and tear. Within the upper, the midfoot lock-down system helps to provide a secure and dynamic fit so you'll always feel supported on the go. Completing the upper is a lacing system that locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe slippage so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.. Bounce MidsoleFeaturing a Jump Tuned Bounce 2.0 Midsole, the Novaflight Court Shoes provide a fast, bouncy, and comfortable ride. The midsole was constructed using active elastic cells that cushion the foot when it lands and returns energy upon taking off - making the shoe feel "bouncy" and propelling you forward so you can cut any move with ease. This means that no matter how long your match lasts, you will always enjoy the same soft feel underfoot. With every step you take, a lot of energy is produced by flexing the sole and causing impacts on the ground. The energy created will be transferred by the reactive material into rebound, which will give you an added spring, which will give you an extra boost. Bounce also offers ample impact protection so when you strike down on the heel you're less likely to cause injury. The bounce midsole has been sculpted to promote explosive vertical movements as you move around the court. Feel the benefits and comfort thanks to the cushioning which works to keep your feet comfier for longer.. Court Performance OutsoleDeveloped using a Court Performance Outsole, the Novaflight Court Shoes provide unparalleled grip and traction. The rubber outsole is able to form a strong bond with a wide range of surfaces so you can keep in control as you move around the court. Grip and control on the court are guaranteed with the durable rubber outsole. Able to form a solid bond with the court surface, this will keep you firmly in charge as you will be able to grip yourself into a solid position. The rubber is also anti-abrasion, which will mean that the shape and definition of the outsole will be retained. As well as this, rubber flex zones on the outsole help to support triple extensions and amplify vertical movements. The flex zones allow a natural feel underfoot and provide multi-directional grip as you go.. Mesh Uppers - Offers full breathability to the shoe.. TPU Overlays - Provides added durability.. Midfoot System - Ensures structure and support.. Lacing System - Locks down the midfoot.. Bounce - Provides energised comfort for all sports, all day.. Court Performance Outsole - Ensures traction and grip.. Flex Zones - Help to support triple extensions and amplify vertical movements.
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