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Mizuno Wave Mujin 8 Womens | Lcoral/obsidian/fudge

Mizuno Wave Mujin 8 Trail Running Shoes. Explore the great unknown with this confidence-booster of a shoe that will provide comfort and grip wherever you go. Running longer distances is not a problem as you explore.. DynamotionFit UpperThe upper of the Wave Mujin 8 uses Mizuno's DynamotionFit technology. Based on anatomical research, the material is designed to work with the foot to create movement patterns, and the result will be an extremely smooth and fluent gait cycle that allows a wide and free range of movement. For supreme breathability, the shoe uses Mizuno's AirMesh. This lightweight material allows a constant flow of air in and out of the shoes, with cooler air from outside regularly replacing the warm air that has built up within for ventilation.. As you begin to sweat, the material will also allow vapour from sweat to escape from within the shoe before being wicked away, which will further enhance the comfort and feeling within the shoe. The forefoot is protected by thicker material that covers the toes, preventing bumps and shocks from causing any damage. Heavy contacts with the ground are mainly absorbed by the sole of the shoe.. The material surrounding the rearfoot will add further strength and structure which will offer greater protection, reducing the risk of injuries. Secure lacing and a padded tongue will ensure that you will always be able to find a secure and comfortable fit.. Wave TechnologyMizuno have used their innovative wave technology in the Ibuki which uniformly disperses shock throughout the sole, providing excellent cushioning and enhanced stability. The Mizuno wave provides flexibility in one direction and support in the other. The wave absorbs the shock without compromising the comfort or cushioning while the initial shock is then transferred back to guide the athlete onto their next movement.. The Mizuno wave prevents partial deformation and provides dynamic support to stabilize and guide the foot forward for better gait efficiency. The midsole also boasts using Mizuno's U4icX, which will deliver exceptional cushioning and reactive rebound, whilst also keeping the overall weight of the shoe down as it is extremely lightweight. Sat between the midsole and outsole is an ESS rock plate that provides excellent underfoot protection from sharp rocks and other trail hazards.. Michelin OutsoleThe outsole of the Wave Mujin 8 is constructed from a Michelin rubber. This outsole delivers unprecedented traction and grip across all surfaces. Working in tandem with the outsole rubber Mizuno have added their XtaRide lug construction which is their own technical trail concept. This concept encompasses Xtatic lugs and Xtatic grooves to help adapt and work in perfect harmony, getting the best possible results on unpredictable trails.. Features:. DynamotionFit - Anatomically designed upper allows a smooth and fluent gait cycle.. AirMesh - Lightweight material allows a constant flow of air for ventilation.. Moisture Wicking - Sweat is wicked away from the shoe.. Forefoot Protection - Thick material covers the forefoot for protection.. Firm Heel Protection - Strong material surrounding the heel will ensure that the rearfoot is offered protection.. Secure Fit - A comfortable and secure fit is guaranteed by the laces and a padded tongue.. Heel Loop - Makes carrying dirty shoes around easier and cleaner.. Adjustable Fit - An adjustable heel and forefoot fitting system make it easier to fit the shoe.. Mizuno Wave Technology - Redirects impact forces away from the foot, whilst also offering superb cushioning and stability.. U4icX - Lightweight cushioning and response.. ESS Rock Plate - Protects under the foot from sharp objects.. Michelin Outsole - Provides enhanced grip and traction.. XtaRide - Mizuno's trail concept to enhance traction and performance.
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