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Torq Energy Gel Sample Pack of 6

torq gel sample pack -  6 gels. not tried torq before? Our multi award-winning energy gels provide 30g ( 120 kcal ) of multi-transportable carbohydrates in a research-proven 2:1 formulation. This allows you to consume up to 3 torq gels per hour without risk of gastric distress, in conjunction with the torq fuelling system.. Part of the torq fuelling system - https://www.Torqfitness.Co.Uk/torq-fuelling-system. fast-acting 2:1 maltodextrin:fructose formulation  - up to 3 gels per hour. 30g carbohydrates / 120 kcal energy per 45g gel. 5 electrolytes to keep your body functioning properly. light syrupy texture. vegan recipe. no gluten-containing ingredients used. 100% natural with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. this special sample pack provides you with 6 delicious torq gels of the 11 available.. apple crumble. cherry bakewell. lemon drizzle. raspberry ripple. rhubarb & custard. strawberry yoghurt
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