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Torq Energy Gel With Guarana (Caffeinated)

Torq Energy Gel With Guarana (Caffeinated). In line with the formulation used in their energy drinks, Torq Gels have a blend of Maltodextrin, a long chain complex carbohydrate and Fructose (fruit sugar) in a 2:1 ratio for maximum carbohydrate absorption.. The flavour? Forest Fruit contains natural extracts and also a very high dose of natural Guarana. 89mg is almost double the caffeine dose of any other gel on the market and our caffeine comes naturally from a pure guarana extract. A key additional feature is the inclusion of all 5 essential electrolytes and minerals.. The texture of the TORQ gel is light and syrupy. It doesn’t stick to your mouth and you don’t need water to wash it down. We have deliberately designed this gel to be easy to consume when you are on the move.. Nutrition Facts:. 1065 kJ (255kcal). 0g Protein. 63.9g Carbohydrates(of which sugars 21.3g). 0g Fat
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