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Vasyli Heel Raise (Single)

Vasyli Heel Raise (Single). The Vasyli heel lift is ideal for those looking to alleviate pain or stress in the Achilles tendon, lower leg or Equinus. They may also be used in the occurrence of any limb length differential whereby a heel lift can be placed under the foot of the shorter side.. The heel lift should be placed at the back and centre of the shoe until it finishes under the tarsel area. They can be trimmed with a pair of scissors to ensure the heel lift is a good fit and is comfortable for the wearer.. They are available in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm & 8mm. A combination of the supports can be used to achieve a greater thickness however it is not advised to use more than a thickness of 8mm due to the support and cushioning of modern footwear.. Info:. Evalon Foam with tapered edges. Adhesive backing for easy installation.. The price quoted is for 1 heel lift & not a pair; please change the quantity to order more.. If you have had additional correction added to a shoe instore and would like us to trim & fit the product to your new footwear before sending them, please place a note in the customer notes section before confirming your payment details.. PLEASE NOTE:. This item is intended to be used as a replacement of existing footwear correction and therefore all responsibility on fitting this product falls to the user. Alexandra Sports cannot be held responsible for and injuries incurred with the use of these heel lifts.. If you are unsure on whether this is right for you, please visit our store for a biomechanical assessment.
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